“Indigo approaches training in a calm and gentle, but assertive way.  He has given me the tools to teach basic training and good manners to my 6 month old Leonberger.

Despite his skill in distilling an answer to a question or behavior issue, Indigo is always open to learning.

In a public setting, Sundays-in-the-park-with-Indigo provides an opportunity for my puppy to learn and socialize with dogs of all ages and sizes.  And, it is fun.

Indigo has helped me develop a bond with my dog that will last a lifetime.”

Rosina Y.  Santa Fe  2/17/17

    “I first met Indigo Adakai when my Doberman Gracie was 5 months old.  She is now two.  I will be forever grateful to Anthony Ramon,  one of the best K9 trainers in the US , for introducing us.  I had just fired my 3rd trainer when Anthony recommended his protege Indigo to me, before Anthony moved to Texas.  I started training immediately every week.  What an amazing transformation I saw in Gracie, and me as well.  Indigo is an incredible trainer.  He is kind and compassionate, and loves the dogs he trains, and they love him.  No matter what issue you have with your dog, Indigo gets to the heart of the matter and shows you how to change both your dog’s behavior and yours.  Being calm and assertive is the key to a healthy relationship with your beloved pet and Indigo teaches you to master both.  He also has socialization classes every Sunday, no matter what stage your dog is in, regarding training or lack of.  These classes are great.  Indigo is dedicated to make us and our dogs model citizens.  I can only say that his training for me and Gracie has changed our lives.  I have a dog I can be proud of , and take everywhere I go.  Thank you Indigo!”

Vivian L.  Santa Fe, NM and Gracie 4/25/17

    “There are any number of dog trainers in the Santa Fe area and I have worked my way through 4 or 5 over a period of 7 years.  Indigo is the first one that has made a difference in our lives.  I have two rescues each with their own individual issues.  What is truly remarkable about Indigo, is that from the  beginning of our work together, there was a significant difference in the behavior of my dogs.  Not only did they begin to change, I began changing as well.  Indigo teaches a “calm and assertive” approach.  When this concept really begins to sink in, you too are transformed.  there are many things about Indigo that make him stand apart from the rest.  One of the most endearing and unusual exercises was his recommendation to read the chapter in “The Little Prince,” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery on the fox.  Indigo teaches you how to be the “Pack Leader” - a leader who employs love and consistency, and shows you the way to deepen the bond between you and your dog.”

Debra S. Tesuque  5/25/17

    “Indigo is a Master dog trainer.  He guided my dog and me into a more respectful and deeper relationship.  If you are searching for a knowledgeable, kind, insightful person to assist you with your canine, I can recommend with complete confidence Indigo.  I hope you find him.  You will be so greateful.”

Jane N. Santa Fe  5/25/17

    “Hi Indigo. Toots and Tosh made it to the islands.  Here is Toots looking out the window while landing on St. Thomas.  Nothing but smiles in the airports, cabins of planes, airport shuttle, and Airbnb.  Thank you so much.”

Robin B. Santa Fe/St. Thomas  2/15/18

Update Review:    “A while back, I wrote a review for Indigo Adakai with regard to weekly training and Sunday socialization classes.  Training with Indigo Made a tremendous difference in my life, and my ability to take my doberman, Gracie with me everywhere I go.  He has taught me how a dog’s mind works, and the confidence to use it in daily life in every situation we may encounter.

    Now I would like to express my thanks to Indigo in helping us to achieve the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Certification.  We worked hard and diligently for months, and I am pleased to say we passed with flying colors.  I think this is an important goal to strive for.  It shows the public we are responsible canine owners, and take our dog’s good manners seriously.  All can, and should accomplish this.  There is a great feeling of pride knowing we are doing the best for our puppies.  Indigo will make certain you all pass.  All it takes is our hard work.  Besides, it is fun!!”

Vivian L. and Gracie, Santa Fe  8/2/18

    “Indigo is the best dog trainer in Santa Fe, and his classes are by far the least expensive.  I love that the classes usually involve a dozen or so dogs.  My dog behaved perfectly without distractions, but around other dogs she totally ignored her training.  Now, after 6 classes with Indigo, she has made remarkable progress in behaving around other dogs.  The classes are held in a park, which is not only a fun outdoor experience, but is the type of environment in which my dog was least likely to behave before we started these classes.”

Raymond N. G., Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, and Brooklyn, Santa Fe, NM  9/02/18

    “Hi Guys,  This is Aksel and my name means ‘Father of Peace’, although Dad sometimes calls me ‘The Master of Disaster’.  But that has all changed since Indigo Began work with me.

    For the Longest time, I thought my name was ‘No!’  Once I met Indigo I learned to walk on lead without pulling my father’s arm out of the socket and gathered enough impulse control to play with others without scaring my fellow canines.  I was able to walk off lead and come back when called.  Jumping into the car is now a piece of cake (although I prefer bananas).

    Mine was not an easy road:  Boot Camp, Sundays at the Park, Private Lessons.  Well worth the time  and effort because now I can be my normal sophisticated and handsome self for all to admire!  Thank you Indigo and my parents’

Aksel the Dog (and, Tony C. and Frank p.) Santa Fe, NM  9/07/18

“My rescue,Holly is generally well-behaved, but suffers from separation anxiety, which means she cannot be left alone.  Wile the training for this can stretch into months, it became important to make her the best canine citizen possible, as I often take her to public places.  After a private session with Indigo, I started taking her to his weekly socialization classes and cannot recommend them highly enough.  These classes focus on loose-leach walking and getting your dog used to being around other people and dogs.  They also have the added benefit of being drop-in classes which you can attend as your schedule permits, and are held in outdoor settings around Santa Fe.  Indigo teaches you how to be calm and assertive, which produces a happy and submissive (in a good way!) dog.  The proof, as they say, is in the pudding:  Last week, while spending an afternoon in the plaza, Holly was waiting calmly on the sidewalk with me while my hsband was inside a store.  Half an hour later, I had a couple approach to say that they had seen her waiting and to remark on how well-behaved she was!  Thanks, Indigo.”

Bonnie K., Santa fe, NM and Holly  3/11/20

“I was very happy to find Indigo at K9 Alpha because I specifically wanted someone who used ‘balanced’ dog training, as opposed to ‘positive only’ trainers.  And now, after only two home training lessons with Indigo and one group class, I already see a huge improvement in my recently adopted two year old german shepherd.  Raja has severe storm phobia, OCD (obsessive compulsive running and pacing in the house), fear aggression towards people and cars, and separation anxiety (to the point of trying to break out of his cage, bending the metal bars, and ripping his bed to shreds).  He got so violent at the slightest grumble of thunder or sprinkle of raindrops that I seriously considered returning him to the rescue society.  I though no one could possibly live with him, and he’d probably have to be euthanized.

    My vet prescribed fluoxetine, which took six weeks to kick in, and that dialed down his anxiety a notch-enough that I decided he was workable and I would probably keep him.  Because Rajah finally seemed able to focus, I emailed K9 Alpha to inquire about training.  Indigo did a home assessment and our first class.  The following week, I worked on ‘Leave It’ and a long stay because Rajah did not get the concept of sitting and waiting for me to go through a door first.  He wanted to barrel through the door as usual. For the second private class, the weather cooperated by giving us thunder and a few sprinkles, and Indigo could see for himself the way Rajah got into his nonstop panicked running mode.  I brought out my old Dogtra 2300 e collar, which I hadn’t used for thirteen years.  Indigo found the ‘sweet spot’ for the collars stim settings (one to use in low energy situations and a higher setting for when Rajah was out of control an running in a panic at every grumble of thunder or drop of rain).  And within a couple of minutes, Rajah stopped running and ignoring our ‘come” and let me leash him.  Since then, when it’s cloudy I kept the e collar on him, turned on but with the transmitter turned off unless I decided to use it.  Often he evades ‘come’ before I use the stim!

    We are still at the beginning of training, but my life is much less stressful because now I don’t have to be paranoid about letting him outside when it is cloudy. I finally have some control over my dog and can stop him from going into panic mode when it rains. The fluoxetine was no magic bullet, but it calmed Rajah down enough that he could focus on training.  Yet he still reverted to that OCD running, despite the fluoxetine, and only the e collar managed to get his attention,  stop his repetitive pattern, and get him to change his behavior.  I hope to eventually ween him off the fluoxetine once new behavior into his mind.  For the first time in six months I feel hopeful that my relationship with Rajah will develop into a type of bond I’ve had with my previous dogs.

Patti W., Glorietta, NM and Rajah 7/14/21

    “Indigo has been a miracle worker with our one-year-old Airedale pup, Janet!  Over the last two months of working with Indigo - in private  and group classes - Janet’s Behavior has improves significantly  Now, instead of jumping on people and bing hard to wrangle, Janet is calm and submissive at home and outside when we go on walks.  In fact, Janet is doing so great under Indigo’s tutelage that she has even started taking unleashed walks with us at the Frank Ortiz Dog Park!  I can’t recommend Indigo enough, and if you’re already searching online for dog trainers in the Santa Fe, NM area, just stop now and give Indigo and call - You won’t be disappointed!

Alec K., Santa Fe, NM and Janet 4/3/22

    “My dog, Sunny, and I both love our training days with Indigo.  When searching for a trainer for my 5 year old adopted Heeler, I saw high praise for Indigo and his K9 Alpha Training classes on Next Door and other local Apps.  I finally made the call for an assessment and individual training.  After a couple of successful individual training appointments, we joined the group socialization sessions that are held on Sundays at various local parks and locations.  Sunny quickly began to learn how to behave and react to other dogs and their ‘peeps’.  Perhaps even more importantly, I began to relax and learn that my confidence, (or lack of it) influences Sunny’s behavior.  Being in a safe group with a skilled trainer who is there to observe and guide gives me the confidence to expand the interactions with other dogs and their owners.  Indigo is a wonderful instructor....full of experience, insight and patience.

    Each new class gets Sunny and myself closer to being the best canine and canine owner that we can be.

    I am thrilled to be part of his Alpha Dog and Pack Leader Group!

Catherine A., Santa Fe, NM and Sunny Blue