Looking for help to bond and train your dog?

You have come to the right place.  K9 Alpha Training is based on Principles of Conditioning techniques, Operant and Classic conditioning, and Behavior Modification to train towards obedience and socialization for your dog  These goals are realized through praise and correction practices through interactive training..

Based in the Santa Fe NM area we specialize in “problem dogs”, puppy manners, obedience, socialization, and exhibiting the best behavior possible while in public.  We also teach how to be the PACK LEADER, and how to bond with your dog(s), creating the optimal relationship conducive to a happy, healthy, and well-mannered dog.

Not only does your dog learn through tools and techniques provided by us, but you do as well.  In essence, we train you to become the best PACK LEADER you can be.  An absolutely necessary task to create a great pack.

K9 Alpha Training does not condone  abuse of any kind.  Results are only rewarding and possible when your dog trusts you and develops a healthy bond with you, the PACK LEADER.