Sir, Yes Sir!

There are situations which warrant a quicker and condensed training regimen.  Boot camp is an intensive full-time training program employed by certified trainers to give these results.  Indigo‚Äôs Bootcamp is specialized.  Your dog lives with him, his dogs, horses, and other animals.  This technique produces a well-rounded and well behaved socialized animal.

Do not be mistaken that this program is a cure-all to all canine behavior issues.  However, given the knowledge, tools, and compressed training regimen, boot camp training will produce a more malleable, better behaved, and more obedient canine in a short period.

A critical element of this training is the transfer of learned behavior.  After the initial boot camp the owner/handler/pack leader/client must continue to use these methods, incorporate consistent work, practice, and training with the canine(s).

You can be assured that all training methods employed, although strict and demanding, will NEVER result in physical or psychological damage via cruel and abusive treatment.

K9 Alpha Training and Indigo Adakai does not, nor ever will, tolerate or utilize abusive or cruel tactics in training methods and practice.